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Wed, Jun 22, 2022
Passage: Titus 1:1
Series: Titus
Duration: 58 mins 49 secs
An introduction to Paul's letter to Titus. Who is Titus, How long did he travel with Paul, and what is the occasion ro this letter. Plus, the first verse is packed with nuggets of gold in the Biblical narrative.
Sun, Jun 19, 2022
Passage: Acts 13:4-12
Series: Acts
Duration: 51 mins 43 secs
God sends out the very first Missionary Team, using the local church in Antioch to fund them and to send them.
Sun, Jun 19, 2022
Series: Hebrews
Duration: 44 mins 47 secs
The author demonstrates the first realm of the supremacy of Jesus. Jesus the Messiah is more than, and has supremacy over, the entire angelic realm. This argument is defended by the use a series of quotations from the Hebrew Scriptures, the Old Testament.
Wed, Jun 15, 2022
Passage: 1 John 5:13
Duration: 51 mins 9 secs
This is an article I wrote in response to a question I received as a staff writer for GotQuestions.org. the question concerns whether a person can know if they are truly 'saved.'
Sun, Jun 12, 2022
Passage: Acts 13:1-3
Series: Acts
Duration: 52 mins 36 secs
By Divine Providence the focus of the Church now shifts to Missionary activity. For this to begin, God uses the church in Antioch from which He will select the first missionary team.
Wed, Jun 08, 2022
Series: 2 John
Duration: 50 mins 24 secs
The Apostle John finishes his letters to the churches and friends. His primary exhortations to faithfulness are contained in the parameters of Love and Truth.
Sun, Jun 05, 2022
Passage: Acts 12:1-25
Series: Acts
Duration: 42 mins 25 secs
Hard times come to the Church in Jerusalem. James the Apostle is murdered by Herod Agrippa and Peter is arrested, facing the same fate. But God,... Peter is rescued by an Angel and Herod is deposed by God.
Sun, Jun 05, 2022
Passage: Hebrews 1:1-4
Series: Hebrews
Duration: 46 mins 28 secs
These verses serve as an outline, or thesis statement, for the whole of the book of Hebrews. The author puts forth his thesis, and from here he sill begin to defend this in the next several chapters.
Wed, Jun 01, 2022
Passage: 2 John 1:4-9
Series: 2 John
Duration: 52 mins 20 secs
In this epistle the Apostle John emphasizes the responsibility of love with respect to the Truth in the life of a Christian.
Sun, May 29, 2022
Passage: Acts 11:19-30
Series: Acts
Duration: 55 mins 7 secs
Persecution forces the Church out of Jerusalem. Following this is a period of Church growth. We will examine this along with the key people.
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