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Sun, Jun 05, 2022
Passage: Hebrews 1:1-4
Series: Hebrews
Duration: 46 mins 28 secs
These verses serve as an outline, or thesis statement, for the whole of the book of Hebrews. The author puts forth his thesis, and from here he sill begin to defend this in the next several chapters.
Sun, Jan 03, 2021
Series: Daniel
Duration: 1 hr 5 mins 25 secs
The vision of the "Seventy Sevens" is an intriguing study into prophecy and will lead us into discussions of the "Last Days."
Sun, Dec 13, 2020
Duration: 45 mins 44 secs
God became flesh and took on the form of a servant. The student is not greater than the Master, thus we are to be servants. Today we will consider some preparations needed to for the Son of Man to come to Bethlehem.
Wed, Sep 30, 2020
Series: Mark
Duration: 1 hr 1 mins 57 secs
Reading through the Gospel according to Mark, have you ever chased down some of the quotes from the Older Testament? Let's chase the one from verse 27.
Wed, Apr 15, 2020
Passage: Mark 9:12-13
Series: Mark
Duration: 50 mins 43 secs
The disciples have questions about Elijah coming before the Messiah, which leads into a few words about Elijah, John the Baptizer, and of the Messiah.
Sun, Mar 29, 2020
Series: 2 Peter
Duration: 39 mins 29 secs
Peter and the other Apostles have been accused of telling tall stories about Jesus. Here he defends the Glory of the Messiah as the testimony of an eye-witness.
Wed, Mar 11, 2020
Series: Mark
Duration: 51 mins 34 secs
Mark brings us to a turning point in his Gospel. The acknowledgement of Jesus as the Christ of God by His disciples sets the stage for the revelation of what manner of Messiah Jesus is.
Sun, Feb 02, 2020
Series: 1 Peter
Duration: 38 mins 48 secs
Peter states the case that believers in Jesus Christ will be persecuted in this life. But, "the Spirit of glory and of God rests upon you."
Wed, Jan 22, 2020
Series: Mark
Duration: 42 mins 13 secs
This is the record of Jesus going home to Nazareth, where He astonished the crowd with wisdom, but they reject Him as Messiah.
Sun, Dec 22, 2019
Duration: 40 mins 37 secs
We looked at the serpent last week in Genesis 3, now we examine the serpent in Revelation 20 to see his final demise. A Christmas sermon on the serpent? You bet, listen and make up your own mind.
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