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Wed, Aug 10, 2022
Passage: Titus 3:9-15
Series: Titus
Duration: 50 mins 45 secs
The conclusion of this epistle. Paul refers back (presumably) to the false teachers and points out that their teaching is unprofitable and worthless. This is the topic we spend time on in this study - what is profitable and worthy teaching?
Wed, Jul 13, 2022
Paul cautions Titus about False Teachers on the island of Crete. He describes their pride and the shame of their method in leading people astray from the truth. He instructs Titus to cut them no slack, "rebuke them sharply." This should still be done today with false teachers in the church.
Wed, Jun 08, 2022
Series: 2 John
Duration: 50 mins 24 secs
The Apostle John finishes his letters to the churches and friends. His primary exhortations to faithfulness are contained in the parameters of Love and Truth.
Wed, Apr 13, 2022
Passage: 1 John 4:1-6
Series: 1 John
Duration: 50 mins 2 secs
The Apostle John teaches us how to identify false teachers and false apostles. This is a good study about the true, biblical Jesus Christ, and the necessary confession of His Person.
Sun, Mar 20, 2022
Series: Philippians
Duration: 28 mins 8 secs
It cannot be stressed too much to be on guard against false teachers. In Paul's day as in ours there are false teachers "on every street corner." Repetition in sound teaching is necessary and beneficial for the saints.
Sun, Oct 31, 2021
Duration: 41 mins 40 secs
We are not accustomed to calling sin sin, but Paul was not afraid to. In this passage he calls out the false apostles for what they are; and so must we.
Sun, Oct 24, 2021
Duration: 27 mins 40 secs
The Apostle Paul defends his policy of not claiming financial support from the church in Corinth. He questions the virtue of those "false apostles" who are criticizing him for this policy as they do take support from the church.
Sun, Oct 17, 2021
Duration: 42 mins 21 secs
Nearly every book in the Bible warns against False Teachers and/or False Prophets. Paul is warning against the dangers of false teachers, false apostles in Corinth. We need to understand this because they are among us today.
Sun, Oct 10, 2021
Series: Jude
Duration: 1 hr 2 mins 8 secs
Those cursed false teachers in the church. Why do they insist on adding or subtracting from the simplicity of the gospel message? Jude describes the consequences of, and destination of certain false teachers.
Sun, Oct 10, 2021
Duration: 44 mins 57 secs
False teachers were the bane of Paul's life. They followed him everywhere and generally made life more difficult for him than necessary. I this passage, Paul tries to explain the scope of his God-apportioned ministry, and to get the false teachers ou of the way.
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