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Sun, Sep 04, 2022
Passage: Acts 18:1-23
Series: Acts
Duration: 42 mins 36 secs
Leaving Athens, Paul gots to Corinth where he begins to reason in the Synagogue that Jesus is the Messiah. It is not long before trouble catches up to him again, so he moves next door and plants a church there. Paul stays more than 18 months building the church before returning to Antioch. This is the end of his second missionary journey.
Sun, Aug 28, 2022
Passage: Acts 17:10-34
Series: Acts
Duration: 1 hr 0 mins 32 secs
Leaving Thessalonica Paul goes to Berea and then on to Athens. In both of these cities he is able to convince many from the Scriptures that Jesus is the Messiah. He does not have as much trouble as he has experienced before, but he still moves on pretty quickly.
Sun, Aug 07, 2022
Series: Acts
Duration: 45 mins 1 sec
Paul and Barnabas set off on their second Missionary Journey, but this time they go separate ways. Paul takes Silas and Barnabas takes John Mark. Through their disagreement the Church expands quicker and farther than otherwise would be possible.
Sun, Jul 24, 2022
Passage: Acts 14:1-28
Series: Acts
Duration: 55 mins 32 secs
On this first missionary journey Paul gets his first taste of the words spoken to him by Jesus through Ananias. "I will show him how much he must suffer for the sake of my name.”
Sun, Jul 17, 2022
Passage: Acts 13:44-52
Series: Acts
Duration: 55 mins 29 secs
Cancel Culture is older that we imagined. In this passage, the Apostle Paul and Barnabas are Cancelled by the religious leaders and the social elite of the city for preaching the Truth about Jesus from the Scriptures. But when Paul and Barnabas leave, they leave a bunch of embryonic Christians, God wins!
Wed, Jun 22, 2022
Passage: Titus 1:1
Series: Titus
Duration: 58 mins 49 secs
An introduction to Paul's letter to Titus. Who is Titus, How long did he travel with Paul, and what is the occasion ro this letter. Plus, the first verse is packed with nuggets of gold in the Biblical narrative.
Sun, May 29, 2022
Passage: Hebrews 1:1
Series: Hebrews
Duration: 19 mins 7 secs
Today we begin a study through the book of Hebrews. Who wrote this book? and who did they write to? and why did they write this book? These are the questions we will explore to day in this short introduction.
Sun, Mar 27, 2022
Passage: Acts 9:1-19
Series: Acts
Duration: 1 hr 0 mins 38 secs
Known as Saul among the Hebrews, the persecutor of the Church gets his first real glimpse of the living Jesus. This starts the process he would later write about in Romans 12:2, ".. but be transformed by the renewing of your mind." It cost him everything from a worldly perspective.
Sun, Mar 13, 2022
Series: Philippians
Duration: 35 mins 6 secs
Paul rejoins the narrative which he left off at chapter 1:26. Here he discusses the ministry help offered and received by Timothy and Epaphroditus, and the reason for sending Epaphroditus back to them along with his own plan to visit them.
Sun, Feb 06, 2022
Series: Philippians
Duration: 45 mins 49 secs
We don't usually place enough emphasis on the word "only." The Apostle Paul does in his writings. In this sermon we will explore the ramifications of the word "only" in relationship to the Christian life.
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