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Sun, Jul 30, 2023
Passage: James 1:1-4
Series: James
Duration: 51 mins 44 secs
Who wrote this book, and which James is this? When did he write it, and to whom? Who was the audience, and in a nutshell, what is it about? We answer these and more in this introduction.
Wed, Jul 26, 2023
Passage: Amos 6:8-7:17
Series: Amos
Duration: 1 hr 0 mins 28 secs
There is an old song that starts out with the lyric "Pain & Sorrow & Despair, ..." This is the story for the rest of the book of Amos. God gives Amos a series of visions of the coming judgment on Israel. As we examine the deplorable spiritual and moral climate of Israel at this time, it looks lot like the USA now.
Sun, Jul 23, 2023
Duration: 1 hr 12 mins 18 secs
The term 'hate' seems incompatible with our idea of God. But is it possible for a loving God to hate anything, or anyone? Let's examine some Scriptures.
Sun, Jul 23, 2023
Series: Lamentations
Duration: 52 mins 16 secs
Jeremiah prays to God, and laments the current situation of Jerusalem and Judah. In the midst of death and destruction, he wonders, is there hope for restoration?
Wed, Jul 19, 2023
Passage: Amos 5:18-6:7
Series: Amos
Duration: 58 mins 36 secs
In these two separate 'Woes' the prophet pronounces against Israel, we see the epitome of Paul's warning to Timothy: "...lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God..." (2 Tim 3:4b). The worship and lifestyle in Israel had been reduced to blasphemy. What is it in America today?
Sun, Jul 16, 2023
Series: Lamentations
Duration: 47 mins 48 secs
No wonder they call this book "Lamentations." This chapter is another lament, or dirge, describing the plight of those who chose to rebel against God. It is not a pretty picture. Some say God is vengeful and mean. No, He is as perfect in Justice as He is in Love.
Wed, Jul 12, 2023
Passage: Amos 5:1-17
Series: Amos
Duration: 50 mins 50 secs
In the midst of the terrible judgment Amos is foretelling the LORD still encourages the people to repent, seek Him, and live. Several times in this portion God encourages the people to turn from their evil and seek good, in order to live.
Sun, Jul 09, 2023
Series: Revelation
Duration: 32 mins 26 secs
The Lord Jesus has only praise for this church. They have suffered some level of persecution, yet they did not deny the Name of Jesus. You may be surprised which doors have been opened, and which have been closed.
Sun, Jul 09, 2023
Duration: 35 mins 26 secs
We celebrate both baptism and communion today in our church. This is a general biblical background for both of the ordinances for the Church.
Wed, Jul 05, 2023
Passage: Amos 4:1-13
Series: Amos
Duration: 51 mins 46 secs
The beginning of this chapter details some of the more egregious social practices in Israel. Then the prophet declares the consequences of their behavior. The consequences are not pretty.
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