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Sun, Oct 06, 2019
Passage: Romans 5:6-11
Series: Romans
Duration: 41 mins 20 secs
Justified by faith in Jesus; Peace with God through faith in Jesus; now Paul makes an amazing statement: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us! Who does that?
Wed, Oct 02, 2019
Passage: Mark 1:21-28
Series: Mark
Duration: 41 mins 39 secs
is it strange to find devils in the synagogue? Well, Jesus encounters one and acts with authority never seen before.
Wed, Sep 25, 2019
Passage: Mark 1:14-18
Series: Mark
Duration: 55 mins 10 secs
Jesus begins His ministry, proclaiming the gospel of repentance and belief. This is also the account of calling the first few disciples.
Wed, Sep 18, 2019
Passage: Mark 1:14
Series: Mark
Duration: 46 mins 18 secs
Here we examine the details surrounding the arrest of John.
Wed, Sep 11, 2019
Series: Mark
Duration: 40 mins 45 secs
How is it that Jesus, Perfect Man and Fully God, could be tempted?
Sun, Sep 08, 2019
Passage: Romans 5:3-5
Series: Romans
Duration: 37 mins 49 secs
Having been justified through faith, and obtaining peace with God, now Paul introduces the concept of character development. This is discipleship.
Wed, Sep 04, 2019
Passage: Mark 1:5-11
Series: Mark
Duration: 46 mins 42 secs
The message of the gospel is repent and believe; the baptism of Jesus is discussed.
Sun, Aug 25, 2019
Passage: Romans 5:1-2
Series: Romans
Duration: 41 mins 36 secs
Not only peace with God, but we have the hope of the glory of God. Imagine.
Wed, Aug 21, 2019
Passage: Mark 1:1-4
Series: Mark
Duration: 47 mins 11 secs
This is an introduction to the gospel of Mark, and to the person of Mark.
Sun, Aug 18, 2019
Passage: Romans 5:1
Series: Romans
Duration: 43 mins 34 secs
Peace with God. Imagine. this is not possible based on our own efforts, only through faith in Jesus Christ.
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