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Sun, Mar 14, 2021
Passage: Judges 3:7-31
Series: Judges
Duration: 47 mins 1 sec
A review of verses 1-6 reveals that God used other nations to test His won people to determine if their faith was genuine. The rest of the book catalogs failure after failure and God raising Judges to deliver His people from bondage.
Sun, Mar 14, 2021
Duration: 43 mins 49 secs
Having established the fact of the resurrection, Paul now builds a logical argument in favor of the resurrection of Jesus. Some in the church disbelieving the doctrine of the resurrection.
Wed, Mar 10, 2021
Passage: Ezra 10:1-44
Series: Ezra
Duration: 58 mins 33 secs
What a mess! Ezra faces the problem of intermarriage; The men of Israel have married foreign women and brought them into the camp of Israel. These women have not converted to Judaism, they brought their foreign gods with them. Ezra solves this problem.
Sun, Mar 07, 2021
Series: Judges
Duration: 1 hr 3 mins 34 secs
The book of Judges is a sad time of rebellion against the LORD by the nation of Israel. it is a time of testing, of growing, and of rebellion.These verses are foundational for understanding the book.
Sun, Mar 07, 2021
Duration: 47 mins 57 secs
Paul begins his last discourse with this topic. Some in the church had begun to question the historicity of the resurrection of Jesus. Paul defends the gospel message, and the resurrection in this chapter.
Wed, Mar 03, 2021
Series: Ezra
Duration: 55 mins 56 secs
Ezra is settled in Jerusalem. It has been about 80 years since Cyrus encouraged some Jews to return to Jerusalem to build the Temple and restore their worship. But now, there is trouble in the camp. Ezra prepares to deal with it.
Sun, Feb 28, 2021
Passage: Judges 1:1-17
Series: Judges
Duration: 45 mins 17 secs
The Book of Judges. What a mess the people of Israel were in during this season. This is an introduction and a first glimpse.
Sun, Feb 28, 2021
Duration: 42 mins 28 secs
Closing out the discussion related to Spiritual Gifts in the Church, Paul instructs the church in Corinth how to govern their public worship service. This is good instruction for every church; we would do well to pay attention.
Wed, Feb 24, 2021
Passage: Ezra 7:1-8:23
Series: Ezra
Duration: 57 mins 52 secs
This begins a new period in the historical compilation Ezra. We meet Ezra. Ezra is commissioned by the King to travel to Jerusalem to beautify the Temple and to establish a civil court system.
Sun, Feb 21, 2021
Series: Daniel
Duration: 59 mins 11 secs
The visions of Daniel are finished with this passage. We learn about the last days, and how some of the visions remain a mystery even to this day.
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