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Sun, Jan 29, 2023
Series: Hebrews
Duration: 29 mins 33 secs
Continuing the narrative of great faith in action, the author now takes up the legacy of Abraham. Over the next two weeks we will see how Abraham (and Sarah) persevered in their faith, at times under duress.
Wed, Jan 25, 2023
Duration: 54 mins 16 secs
The little word 'chosen' often goes unnoticed. In this discussion we examine more precisely what Paul said about being chosen, and the inevitable result of that event.
Sun, Jan 22, 2023
Duration: 59 mins 30 secs
Of all the topics in these eleven chapters, we will look at Creation and Sin. My study notes for this particular lesson are taken from The NIV Biblical Theology Study Bible.
Sun, Jan 22, 2023
Series: Hebrews
Duration: 51 mins 53 secs
The "Faith Hall of Fame." Today we examine the history of these three: Abel, Enoch, and Noah. How is their faith similar, how is it different? Let's look at their stories.
Wed, Jan 18, 2023
Duration: 51 mins 11 secs
We review the founding of this church in Acts 17, and marvel, with the Apostle at the spiritual growth of this local body. We explore the reasons for the growth and development.
Sun, Jan 15, 2023
Duration: 51 mins 41 secs
Before launching into a study of a body of literature it is helpful to have some kind of syllabus, or outline. I have chosen the outline from the Pentateuch from the NIV Biblical Theology Study Bible for this study.
Sun, Jan 15, 2023
Series: Hebrews
Duration: 36 mins 32 secs
It is not just the righteous who live by faith, everyone does. These verses describe the nature of faith. The real question is, "What is the object of our faith?" Let's explore this.
Wed, Jan 11, 2023
Duration: 44 mins 34 secs
The conclusion of this study. The goal of all Bible study is not just increased knowledge, but increased piety: a life fully devoted to God. These verses help us understand how to "work it out."
Sun, Jan 08, 2023
Duration: 55 mins 37 secs
Foundations undergird all of our buildings, and they are critical to the strength and durability of the overall structure. It is not an understatement to say that the foundation of human life and relationships is the Pentateuch, the five Books of Moses.
Sun, Jan 08, 2023
Series: Hebrews
Duration: 41 mins 8 secs
In the face of impending persecution the Apostle reminds his audience of what they had suffered in the past. This is no time to go weak, but to persevere and to endure.
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